I never realized how an immigrant’s struggle is prolonged due to lack of acceptance from their new country. I always thought an immigrant’s journey was so difficult, and they have to assimilate into a whole new culture, but I really never knew about how countries like the US just use immigrants for labor, but don’t always give them the stable life they are searching for. In some cases, immigrants aren’t even treated as people, just as economic burdens on society. The US even used immigrants as soldiers in World War II and did not give them anything in return and instead sent many back to the dangers or poverty they were fleeing. I was also shocked how long this has been going on. Although there used to be times where Mexicans were accepted into the US, they were only welcomed as temporary guest workers. Mexicans today just expect the racism and discrimination that they will face in America. The fact that Trump’s statements on immigration did not surprise them at all, and they were already used to it was also surprising to me. It made me realize how little I know about immigration into my own country, but now learning about it, I see how a lot of their struggles in the US are based on the reactions of the citizens and how we choose to treat them.

 I had always just thought about how people are fleeing hardships and then when they get here it should all be better than that. In reality, these people are fighting so hard to leave oppression, violence, or extreme poverty to try to create a whole new life almost completely alone. They are divided, with some of them stuck where they came from and then others in the new country. I also never thought about the lack of choice in immigration for children, who are just thrown into a new country by their parents against their will to start a new life away from all of their friends and everything they have always known. The cultural differences isolate these immigrants so that even when they are living with American relatives they still feel alone and stuck in a place in between two lives until they can figure out how to make a new life for themselves. The only idea really affirmed by further learning on immigration is that it is an extremely difficult process and that even when you leave an unstable life there is a long journey to a new country where you have to start almost completely over.


6 thoughts on “Immigration

  1. I thought your point on the struggles of assimilation and economic burdens of immigrants was very interesting. I was interested in your point about how immigrants look for a new life in America and how cultural differences isolate these immigrants in some cases. Your point about how immigrants basically have to start over in a new place where they face new difficulties made me think more about the struggles these immigrant face, and how this process can be difficult for them.

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    1. Thanks for your comment! That is interesting to think about how the process to immigrate seems really difficult since people in the countries immigrants are going to are not very educated on immigration and not exposed to a lot of outsiders. It seems like an easy issue to fix to increase awareness and understanding of immigration, yet people refuse to accept immigrants and do not try to learn more about them, adding to the problem.


  2. I really liked your post! It was really interesting how you brought to the attention the fact that yes immigrants are fleeing from adverse conditions but they just end up in just as bad conditions. I agree with you but i have to say that even though America has problems with racial discrimination it may still be better than the situation they were in before. For example manny of the people cant even get jobs in their old homes but in America they can get jobs and start to move up in the economy.


  3. Hey Lucy, After reading your blog post I agree with most of the points you made. I also believe that immigrants face many struggles coming from a new county, but I think that Mexicans were never really welcome into the country they way they should be, although they were once allowed into to the country for work they were not really welcome. The Mexicans we’re more needed then wanted in the country because they were only there for the purpose to work. I do however agree with the fact that they have a long journey ahead in this new country.


  4. Thanks for commenting! That is a good point about the workers being invited in but still not accepted especially since it is so difficult to immigrate and start a successful new life due to the lack of cultural and social acceptance in a new country.


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